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Creative saxophonist Mary Petrich has been developing her own vision for the past 20 years. Her desire to push the boundaries has led her to many projects and collaborations, the latest being the album “Murmuration” with her quartet “OpenHand”.

With an abiding love for free style improvisation and the intimate collaboration of small group settings, she is equally at home playing standards and working in larger group formats. Large group work includes the Phoenix Symphony, the Grammy award-winning Phoenix Chorale, the Az. Music Festival Orchestra, and the Nash Composer Coalition.


Date Artist City Venue
02/24/18 Uptown Jazz Group Phoenix Private Event
Time: 7:30pm. AZ Country Club
02/23/18 Mary Petrich Scottsdale Arizona Musicfest
Time: 7:30pm. Address: La Casa de Cristo Church.
02/21/18 Scottsdale Community College Big Band Phoenix The Nash
Time: 7:30pm. Address: 110 E. Roosevelt. featuring Ben Wendell
02/18/18 special guest, guitarist: John Stowell Phoenix To be announced
Time: 6:00pm.
02/17/18 Jazz Quartet Phoenix, Arizona Los Compadres
Time: 6:30pm. Address: 2350 W. Northern Ave.. Venue phone: (602) 864-0043.
02/06/18 Mary Petrich and OpenHand Phoenix Musician’s Union Hall
Time: 7:30pm. Address: 1202 E Oak St. Sean Brogan, bass, Reid Riddiough, guitar, Ryan Anthony, drums
01/28/18 with Mary Louise Knutson Phoenix The Nash
Time: 6:00pm. Address: 110 E. Roosevelt. The Nash Jam, Sean Brogan, bass, Ryan Anthony, drums
01/28/18 with Mary Louise Knutson Phoenix The Nash
Time: 3:00pm. Address: 110 E. Roosevelt. Sean Brogan, bass, Ryan Anthony, drums
01/25/18 with Mary Louise Knutson Scottsdale Sacred Grounds Jazz Coffeehouse
Time: 7:30pm. Address: 4425 North Granite Reef Road.
01/19/18 Jazz Quartet Phoenix Private Event
Time: 7:00pm.
01/12/18 Beth Lederman Duo Phoenix Cibo
Time: 7:00pm. Address: 603 North 3rd Ave..
01/10/18 Jazz Quartet Scottsdale Mountain Shadows Resort
Time: 5:30pm.

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Exciting new project!
Jeanne Newhall and Mary Petrich

Jeanne and Mary reunite to collaborate in a new musical project featuring original compositions, pop tunes, standards and improvisations.

Ten composers. Ten performers. Ten premieres.

Developed as a fresh, creative outlet for Phoenix jazz artists, the Nash Composers Coalition makes its debut with a complete program of original works. Spearheaded by Keith Kelly, Jeff Libman, and Russell Schmidt, the Nash Composers Coalition is guided by this principal: each performer should also contribute a new piece for the group to play.

Other venues where Mary Petrich performs include:

The Nash – Phoenix, AZ
Symphony Hall – Phoenix, AZ
Mesa Arts Center – Mesa, AZ
Tucson Jazz Festival – Tucson, AZ
AZ Music Festival – Scottsdale, AZ
The Dakota – St. Paul, MN
The Jazz Room – Kitchener, Ontario
Twin Cities Jazz Festival – St. Paul, MN
Valley Bar – Phoenix, AZ
Tempe Arts Festival, Tempe, AZ

“(Mary) Petrich is an Arizona-based working musician who finds moments of splendor in a wide variety of gigs. Every time she steps onstage, she finds new nuances to uncover.  In her latest release; 2016’s ‘Murmuration’, she and the quartet keep the tracks light and lovely, with surreal moments of incredible synchronicity… (her) contemplative, exotic Middle-Eastern styled ‘Neptune’ is the longest piece in the group, yet the most satisfying spiritually, as the saxophonist shows the listener just what she means by avoiding repetition and embracing change, in an organic, languid pace. It’s as if the thoughts and images move her hands and her breath as they filter through her physical form and down to her soul.”

Review by Carol Weber, AXS

murmuration cover

New album out now!

Unveiling a natural evolution of an impressive career that has ranged from modern classical to big band to the avant garde, the pioneering Petrich literally takes flight on her noteworthy new CD, Murmuration (Surface Tension Records).

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Murmuration unleashes ten compelling forays into an instrumental realm that is both challenging and accessible. Petrich’s tenor and soprano saxophone leads are sparse but profound as she speaks volumes through each solo. Her OpenHand quartet is rounded out by guitarist Alex Oliverio, bassist Sean Brogan and drummer Ryan Anthony, and together the foursome reveals a decidedly cool chemistry at work.



Audio Samples


by Mary Petrich: Mary Petrich and OpenHand, with Alex Oliverio, Sean Brogan and Ryan Anthony | Murmuration

October Song

by Sean Brogan: Mary Petrich and OpenHand, with Alex Oliverio and Ryan Anthony | Murmuration

Lunch with Burroughs

by Ryan Anthony: Mary Petrich and OpenHand, with Alex Oliverio and Sean Brogan | Murmuration

Nar Waltz

by Alex Oliverio: Mary Petrich and OpenHand, with Sean Brogan and Ryan Anthony | Murmuration